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4Commercial dishwashers
V5-001 All-in-one machine for cleaning, drying and disinfection
V5-001 All-in-one machine for cleaning, drying and disinfection

V5-001 All-in-one machine for cleaning, drying and disinfection


I. Main technical parameters

product name

Automatic dishwasher

Product number

V5-001 type



Brand holder

Dongguan Digu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Specifications ( mm )

L6000 * W860 * H1550

Total installed power

W 62k W

Working power

,50Hz 380V , 50Hz

Cleaning temperature

85 60 to 85 degrees

Disinfection temperature

130 110 to 130 degrees

water intake



50 D 50

Cleaning ability

500 35 00( /h) 餐盘 2 500 35 00 ( pieces / h) dinner plate

Cleaning conveyor

Eagle hook teeth, dinner plate oblique insertion

Cleaning times

24 条喷臂 Two main two bleach cleaning, 24 spray arms


不锈钢材质 All 304 stainless steel

Water pump

Yuehua stainless steel high temperature resistant pump

control element

Schneider control components, touch screen control


Comparative analysis of dishwasher-washing and manual dishwashing

Manual cleaning

Topgood dishwasher cleaning

Manually washing tableware for too long can cause fatigue and easily become inert.

洗碗碟机在设定程序内是不会叫苦也不会叫累的 Topgood dishwasher will not be bitter or tired during the setting process

The temperature of the water for manual cleaning cannot exceed 40 degrees, otherwise the skin will be easily burned; the oil stains will not be cleaned thoroughly.

洗碗碟机清洗水温设定在60-85度,高温可以去除所有玩固油污 Topgood dishwasher washing water temperature is set at 60-85 degrees, high temperature can remove all playing solid oil stains

Manual cleaning one by one is slow and inefficient

V5系列洗碗碟机一个小时清洗餐具500-9000件不等(机型不同速度也不一样),速度上比人工快得多 Topgood V5 series dishwasher can clean 500-9000 pieces of tableware in one hour (the speed varies with different models), which is much faster than manual

The tableware in the restaurant of about 2500 people requires at least 6-7 people to clean the tableware for a long time. The average cost per person is 3,000 yuan, and the total monthly salary is 18,000.

洗碗碟机清洗只需配1-2个人帮手,而且每天工作不超过2小时,其他时间可以安排其他工作;洗碗机所需成本(洗碗机耗电30-60度,按工业用电1.05元计,44*1.05=46.2;水费计算:单次清洗用水为1立方计,所以每天用水不超过10元)所以采用洗碗机清洗餐具从成本上来算也是节省了不少 Topgood's dishwasher only needs 1-2 personal assistants for cleaning, and does not work for more than 2 hours a day, other tasks can be arranged at other times; the cost of the dishwasher (dishwasher consumes 30-60 degrees, According to the industrial electricity consumption of 1.05 yuan, 44 * 1.05 = 46.2; water cost calculation: the water used for a single washing is 1 cubic meter, so the daily water consumption does not exceed 10 yuan). less

Manual cleaning has no guarantee of cleanliness. When people are inert, washing dishes is just over water.

洗碗碟机清洗餐具是采用高温、高压,360度无死角的清洗,清洗出来的餐具可以通过第三方检测机构检测 Topgood's dishwasher is used for high temperature, high pressure, 360-degree no dead angle cleaning. The cleaned tableware can be tested by a third-party inspection agency.

托普古德 洗碗碟机清洗餐具比人工清洗餐具上有明显的优势 To sum up: using Topgood dishwasher to wash dishes has a clear advantage over manual dishwashing


Comparison with traditional dishwashers

1. Simple operation : Most traditional dishwashers are basket-type dishwashers. Cleaning requires the use of washing baskets, which wastes manpower and has high requirements on the shape of tableware (must be uniform). Our company's V5 series is specially designed for restaurants and cafeteria tableware with different shapes. It is designed to save manpower. It uses oblique plug-in conveyor belts, no baskets, no need to consider the shape, and can be directly placed for cleaning.

2. More power and water saving : The traditional dishwasher water tank is not connected, it is independently heated and water is used independently, the heating power is high, and the water consumption is large. Our company's V5 series uses a water tank water circulation system and a dual-core variable frequency heater, which has low heating power and fast speed, and has full utilization of water resources.


Fourth, the main performance characteristics of the equipment

:产品选用 SUS304 不锈钢材料制作,避免产生锈蚀而对餐具形成二次污染。 1. Structural characteristics : The product is made of SUS304 stainless steel to avoid rusting and secondary pollution to tableware.

:清洗传送带网格孔径较大,冲洗效果好,且不容易沾粘餐具残留物,可单独拆卸更换,维修简单方便;餐具斜插摆放,餐具不会积攒残留液体,保证餐具洁净光亮。 2. Unique conveyor mesh belt : The cleaning conveyor belt has a large mesh aperture, good washing effect, and is not easy to stick to tableware residues. It can be removed and replaced separately, and the maintenance is simple and convenient; tableware is placed diagonally, and the tableware will not accumulate residual liquid , To ensure that the tableware is clean and shiny.

管采用无喷头设计,冲洗力更大,形成水幕,没有死角,冲洗更干净,喷管能拆卸,方便清洁;过滤网放置在水箱上方,观察餐具残留物简单方便,并且可及时冲洗过滤网,防止堵塞。 3. Unique spray arm design: The spray arm tube adopts a nozzle-less design, which has a greater washing force, forming a water curtain, no dead corners, and cleaner cleaning. The spray arm tube can be disassembled for easy cleaning; the filter is placed above the water tank, and the tableware The residue is simple and convenient, and the filter can be flushed in time to prevent clogging.

多功能水箱设计,水循环利用:本洗碗机设有独立的四个水箱,水为循环使用,水循环的方向与传送带转动的方向相反,第一个水箱为粗洗水箱,用于餐具的第一道清洗;第二、三个水箱为精洗水箱,第四个为漂洗水箱,用清水再冲洗一遍餐具,达到彻底清洗不留残留物的目的,冲洗过后的水会自动流向第一个水箱,供循环使用,从而达到节约用水,环保省钱的目的。 4. Multifunctional water tank design, water recycling: This dishwasher is equipped with four independent water tanks. The water is recycled. The direction of water circulation is opposite to the direction in which the conveyor belt rotates. The first water tank is a coarse washing water tank for tableware. The first wash; the second and third water tanks are fine wash water tanks, and the fourth is a rinsing water tank. Rinse the dishes again with clean water to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning without leaving any residue. Water tank for recycling, so as to save water, environmental protection and money.

水泵选用不锈钢水泵,外壳、叶轮及转动轴均采用 304 不锈钢材质,耐酸碱,使用寿命长,效率高,冲洗更干净,噪音低。 5. Stainless steel high temperature resistant water pump: The stainless steel water pump is used as the water pump. The casing, impeller and rotating shaft are made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali, has a long service life, high efficiency, cleaner washing and low noise.

水箱采用双层保温系统,减少热量损失,高效耐用的 304 不锈钢电加热管,内部恒温控制系统,降低能耗,节约运行成本。 6. High efficiency and energy saving: The water tank adopts a double-layer thermal insulation system to reduce heat loss, an efficient and durable 304 stainless steel electric heating tube, and an internal constant temperature control system to reduce energy consumption and save operating costs.

设备控制系统采用分区控制,每部分都设有独立的控制,操作灵活,方便客户灵活使用及检查维修。 7. Humanized control system: The equipment control system adopts zone control, each part is provided with independent control, and the operation is flexible, which is convenient for customers to use and inspect and maintain flexibly.


Five, quality assurance capabilities, after-sales service commitments

100%,优良率99%以上。 1. The company has a dedicated quality inspection department to ensure that every product is inspected to ensure that the factory pass rate is 100% and the excellent rate is more than 99%.

第三年起有偿服务 , 配件成本价格收取费用,终生服务。 2. The company's products are guaranteed for two years free of charge. From the third year, paid services are provided . The cost of accessories is charged and the service is lifetime.

ISO9001 质量管理体系认证, ISO14001 环境管理体系认证, OHSAS18001 3. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001

Occupational health and safety system standard certification.



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Entering the Valley of the Emperor

Dongguan Digu Automation Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and development, production, sales and after-sales of commercial dishwashers

service. “佐太”“TOPGOOD”等多 The company has a first-class independent research and development team and independent intellectual property rights.

Brand and a number of appearance patents and practical patents, with a number of mechanical engineers in famous universities, working together to create power saving,

Water and clean automatic dishwashers have obvious industry advantages.

Digu automation products are mature, including dish washing and disinfection all-in-one machines for various institutions, colleges, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and enterprise factories, as well as single washing machines for small meal tubes. The recognition of our customers.

2025的新形势下组建的具有创新理念的自动化科技公司,本着高效、精干的组织原则,实行公司董事长领导下的总经理负责制度,下设行政人事部、财务部、工程部、合约部、安全生产部等;把职责任务明确到公司的每一位员工,让全体员工自觉的将自已的前途和命运与公司的发展结合在一起。 Digu Automation is an automation technology company with innovative ideas established under the new situation of the country's promotion of machine substitution and industry 2025. Based on the principle of efficient and lean organization, the company implements the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the company chairman Administrative personnel department, finance department, engineering department, contract department, production safety department, etc .; clarify the duties and tasks to each employee of the company, so that all employees consciously combine their future and destiny with the company's development.

——质量为先,服务至上。 The company's operating philosophy -quality first, service first.

——守法为宗,诚信为本。 The company's operating principles -abide by the law, integrity-based.

——与时俱进,不断进取。 The source of the company's self-transcendence- keep pace with the times and keep making progress.



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